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w Ilk <br /> 1G1 <br /> OR SECTION 18000 1 ' D . <br /> AGREEMENT <br /> THIS AGREEMENT made and entered into this 4 day of February 2004 by and between <br /> J & H Waterstop hereinafter called the <br /> CONTRACTOR and INDIAN RIVER COUNTY herein called the OWNER. <br /> WITNESSED : That whereas, the OWNER and the CONTRACTOR for the consideration hereinafter <br /> named, agree as set forth below : <br /> Article 1 . SCOPE OF WORK <br /> As per specifications of advertised and sealed bid in Indian River County Bid # 6033 <br /> /Wet Well Rehab . <br /> CONTRACTOR, as an independent CONTRACTOR and not as an employee, shall furnish, for the <br /> sum of One hundred twenty six thousand & two hundred dollars <br /> ($ 126,200. 00 ) , all of the necessary labor, <br /> material, and equipment to perform the work described in accordance with the Contract Documents . <br /> Article 2 . TIME OF COMPLETION <br /> 60 Days from receipt of the Notice to Proceed . <br /> Article 3 . GENERAL <br /> The CONTRACTOR hereby certifies that he has read every clause of the Contract Documents and <br /> that he has made such examination of the location of the proposed work as is necessary <br /> to <br /> understand fully the nature of the obligation herein made ; and shall complete the same the time limit <br /> specified herein in accordance with the plans and specifications . <br /> The OWNER and CONTRACTOR agree to maintain records , invoices, and payments for the work. <br /> The CONTRACTOR shall provide Performance Bonds for all work in this Agreement . <br /> All work under this Contract shall be done to the satisfaction of the OWNER, who shall in all cases <br /> determine the amount, quality, fitness , and acceptability of the several kinds of work and materials <br /> which are to be paid for hereunder, and shall decide all questions which may arise as to fulfillment <br /> of the Contract on the part of the CONTRACTOR, and his decision thereon shall be final and <br /> conclusive ; and such determination and decision, in case any question shall arise, shall be <br /> a <br /> condition precedent to the right of the CONTRACTOR to receive any money hereunder. <br /> Any clause or section of this contract or specification which may for any reason be declared invalid <br /> by a court of competent jurisdiction, including appeal, if any, may be eliminated therefrom ; and the <br /> intent of this Contract and the remaining portion thereof will remain in full force and effect as <br /> though such invalid clause or section has not been incorporated therein . <br />