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f <br /> Article 4 . QUANTITIES AND PRICES <br /> The Owner shall pay the CONTRACTOR for all work included and completed in accordance with <br /> this Contract, based on the items of work set forth in the CONTRACTOR ' S Bid Form . <br /> Article 5 . ACCEPTANCE AND FINAL PAYMENT <br /> When the work provided for under this contract has been completed, in accordance with the terms <br /> thereof, that a lump sum payment request in the amount of such work shall be prepared by the <br /> CONTRACTOR, and filed with the OWNER within fifteen days after the date of completion. <br /> The final estimate shall be accompanied by a Certificate of Acceptance issued by the ENGINEER, <br /> stating that the work has been completed to his satisfaction, in compliance with the Contract. The <br /> Certificate of Acceptance shall not be issued until completed Asbuilt drawings of the actual <br /> construction have been furnished to the OWNER and verified. <br /> In accordance with the Florida Prompt Payment Act, after receipt of the ENGINEER ' S final <br /> acceptance by the OWNER, the OWNER shall make payment to the CONTRACTOR in the full <br /> amount . PAYMENT of the lump sum amount and acceptance of such payment by the <br /> CONTRACTOR shall release the OWNER from all claims or liabilities to the CONTRACTOR in <br /> connection with this Contract . <br /> Article 6 . THE CONTRACT DOCUMENTS <br /> The General Conditions, Special Conditions , Specifications, Bid Documents , Insurance <br /> Requirements (Exhibit A), Bonds , and the Drawings , together with this Agreement, form the <br /> Contract, and are fully a part of this Contract as if included herein. <br /> Article 7 . VENUE <br /> This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida. Venue for any lawsuit brought <br /> by either party against the other party or otherwise arising out of this agreement shall be in Indian <br /> River county, Florida, or in the event of federal jurisdiction, in the United States District Court for <br /> the Southern District of Florida. <br /> (CONTRACTOR) (OWNER) <br /> a* W ,T;,) c, INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br /> �--'� Contrac r <br /> Preside BCC Chairman C rol i ne D . Ginn <br /> Witnessed by: Approved by BCC 01 - 13 - 04 <br /> Item 7 . D <br /> Attest : <br /> Jef Barton Clerk f Circ it Court <br /> - ' By, <br /> ttorne Deputy Clerk <br /> pproved as to Fo and Lega Sufficiency <br /> J es E Chandler, <br /> County Administrator END OF SECTION <br />