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FEBRUARY 6,_ 3.963 <br />The Board o County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, <br />het a heCourthouse, Vero Beach, Florida, in regular :meet held at <br />8:00 o'c ock, A. M. Wednesday, February b, 1963. All cne bcrs were pre. <br />gent. Also present were Ed Schmucker, County Eng l e John Gould, <br />Attorney; and Al Webber and Freda Wright, Deputy Clerks. <br />The Cl an eked f the were any changes r additions tea e <br />made to the minutes of January 8, and 22, i963. There were none and <br />upon Motion made by Con s ssi Quer McCu:llers seconded by Conm ss o er <br />Haf ieid and unanimously carried, the minutes were approved as read. <br />Gladys Vi ,li:ano $ County Weli'are orker, gave a brief report of <br />same. <br />of her act viti ;far the month of danuary and ;Cited a wrl teen re - <br />kart with the Board. <br />Jahn Gould, County attorney, repos teci that he hada Deed from <br />the City o Sebastian and FAA for` 'losel. nd road right of wa.y. lie r - <br />quested authori atiou to pay up to . Ct3.00 for parcel 113.1 a .d up to <br />C(1»00 i`ox Ertel. 141.1, Rosel.and r€aad right cai aay Motion was side <br />by Comm".ss .oner acdonaid, s conded by Comm over Waddell and unan.i ous1y <br />carried, that the same . au ied <br />Ed Schmucker, County Engineer, report :d that the rake was sails <br />factory, the sage having been included in the bid of Clecistcn Motor <br />Cotspany opened apt their rc ;ul.ating on January 22, 1. b3. Motion was <br />rade by .Comm ,ssl:c ner: McCullers, seconded by Commissioner F a ,eld and <br />Ian n . c usly car ted, that the lot r iid of Clewiston Moor Company in the <br />am unt of ,09.5. 0 be ac epted. <br />Orth appeared. before the Board and presented bills for <br />isroveentsmade on the airport. After .same discussion, ,Motion was <br />by. t1 ssioner daddell, seconded by C s si.ssi oncr McCuiiers° and na.nimousiy <br />ca d.$ th t upon receipt; of these bills and assurance of J. .'Ki.nky'x <br />0: <br />h iha <br />oney caas used icor aviation: prpos, the money now head b <br />y <br />:he councountyt de e Aviat on <br />ce <br />be released to Indian River Flying <br />or also ' stated that he would like tai have a meeting i' h the <br />