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t <br /> J jt <br /> MUTUAL AID AGREEMENT FOR WATER/WASTEWATER ``^ �! <br /> ARTICLE I . PURPOSE <br /> The WaterNVastewater Mutual Aid Program was established to provide a method <br /> whereby water/wastewater utilities sustaining physical damage from natural or man <br /> made disasters could obtain emergency assistance , in the form of personnel , <br /> equipment, and materials and other associated services necessary, from other <br /> water/wastewater utilities . The purpose of this Agreement is to formally document such <br /> program . <br /> ARTICLE II , DEFINITIONS <br /> A. AGREEMENT - The WaterMastewater Mutual Aid Agreement. The original <br /> agreement and all signatory pages shall be kept at TREEO Center 3900 SW <br /> 63rd Blvd . , Gainesville , FL 32608 <br /> B . PARTICIPATING UTILITY - Any WaterMastewater utility which executes <br /> this Mutual Aid Agreement, <br /> C . DAMAGED UTILITY - Any Participating Utility which sustains physical <br /> damage to its water/ wastewater system due to a natural or manmade <br /> disaster and seeks assistance pursuant to this Agreement. <br /> D . ASSISTING UTILITY - Any Participating Utility which agrees to provide <br /> assistance to a Damaged Utility pursuant to this Agreement. <br /> E . AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE - An employee of a Participating Utility <br /> authorized by that utility's governing board to request or offer assistance <br /> under the terms of this Agreement. (A list of the Authorized Representatives <br /> for each Participating Utility shall be attached to this Agreement as Appendix <br /> A) <br /> F . PERIOD OF ASSISTANCE - The period of time beginning with the <br /> departure of any personnel of the Assisting Utility from any point for the <br /> purpose of travelling to the Damaged Utility in order to provide assistance <br /> and ending upon the return of all personnel of the Assisting Utility , after <br />