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y s <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 2003- 010 <br /> ATTACHMENT E-6 <br /> RESOLUTION FOR ASSISTANCE <br /> UNDER THE FLORIDA INLAND NAVIGATION DISTRICT <br /> WATERWAYS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM <br /> WHEREAS, THE INDIAN RIVER COUNTY is interested in carrying out the <br /> (Name of Agency) <br /> following described project for the enjoyment of the citizenry of INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> and the State of Florida: <br /> Project Title JUNGLE TRAIL SHORELINE STABILIZATION—PHASE II <br /> Total Estimated Cost 152,600 <br /> Brief Description of Project: <br /> THIS PROJECT IS TO PROTECT AND STABILIZE THE SHORELINE WEST OF JUNGLE TRAIL <br /> PROTECTING THE ROADWAY AND EXISTING MANGROVE VEGETATION FROM EROSION BY <br /> CONSTRUCTING A PERMANENT BREAKWATER ALONG THE AFFECTED SHORELINE. THE PROJECT <br /> DESIGN INCLUDES PLANTINGS OF SALTMARSH GRASS TO STABILIZE SEDIMENTS IN AREAS <br /> WHERE MANGROVES HAVE BEEN WASHED OUT BY WAVE ACTION. <br /> AND, Florida Inland Navigation District financial assistance is required for the program <br /> mentioned above, <br /> NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved by the INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> (Name of Agency) <br /> that the project described above be authorized, <br /> AND, be it further resolved that said INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> (Name of Agency) <br /> make application to the Florida Inland Navigation District in the amount of 50 % of the <br /> actual cost of the project in behalf of said INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> (Name of Agency) <br /> AND, be it further resolved by the INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> (Name of Agency) <br /> that it certifies to the following: <br /> 1. That it will accept the terms and conditions set forth in FIND Rule 6613-2 <br /> F.A.C. and which will be a part of the Project Agreement for any assistance awarded under <br /> the attached proposal. <br /> 2. That it is in complete accord with the attached proposal and that it will carry out <br /> the Program in the manner described in the proposal and any plans and specifications attached <br /> thereto unless prior approval for any change has been received from the District. <br /> Form No. 90-21 (Effective date 12-17-90,Rev. 10-14-92) (1) <br />