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CHANGE ORDER NO. 5 <br />y L8i• I�203 <br />aols-a ea. <br />DATE OF ISSUANCE: <br />EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />OWNER. INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />CONTRACTOR: CLOSE CONSTRUCTION, LLC <br />PROJECT. PC South Algal Nutrient Removal Facility <br />OWNER'S PROJECT NUMBER: 949 <br />ENGINEER: INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />You are directed to make the following changes in the Contract Documents: <br />Item <br />- <br />Description <br />Increase/Decrease <br />in Contract Price <br />Increase/Decrease <br />in Contract Time <br />(Calendar Days) <br />5.1 <br />Furnish and install submersible pump in existing well, furnish and install <br />hydropneumatic tank and pressure controls, piping, valves, etc. and connect to <br />existing Gorman -Rupp pump Reason' To insure the Gorman -Rupp pump does not <br />lose prime. Due to the long suction line length required by SJRWMD, there is <br />concern that the Gorman -Rupp pump will lose prime, causing significant and <br />continuous maintenance issues. <br />$8,965.00 <br />0.0 <br />5.2 <br />Revise center harvest flume bottom elevation at discharge tie-in point per email <br />description to Close Construction dated 9-5-2014. Reason This revision is <br />necessary due to a conflict in the Construction Drawings. Revising the elevation <br />will make harvesting operations much easier for staff <br />$2,896.03 <br />0.0 <br />5.3 <br />Extend the concrete work pad at the South Relief Canal Pump Station site. <br />Reason To provide a safer work area. <br />$4,270.00 <br />0.0 <br />5.4 <br />Furnish and install Type 316 stainless steel fasteners on the flanged aboveground <br />RO brine line discharge fittings. Reason. To provide more robust corrosion <br />resistance. (The project was bid under Utility Division specifications that did not <br />require Type 316 stainless steel fasteners.) <br />$359 10 <br />0.0 <br />5.5 <br />Furnish and install a single pipe support for the vertical aboveground RO brine line <br />discharge into the headworks structure. Reason- Additional support is needed to <br />resist water forces within the pipeline. <br />$1,507.59 <br />0.0 <br />5.6 <br />Furnish and install an additional 6" well for the recycle water system. The well <br />shall be approximately 100 feet deep with 40 feet of 0.030 slot screen, identical to <br />the three wells installed in Change Order No. 4 Reason. The original well <br />placement design assumed the recycle water system wells would be constructed <br />at 50 foot spacing. SJRWMD requires 100 foot spacing between wells which <br />significantly increases the length of the centrifugal pump's suction pipe, which <br />reduces the flow that can be pulled from each well by the pump. A fourth well is <br />required to provide additional flow capacity <br />$5,885.00 <br />0.0 <br />5.7 <br />Increase the recycle water system pump suction line from 4" diameter to b" <br />diameter Reason. The pump suction pipe must be increased because SJRWMD <br />requires 100 foot spacing between wells, increasing the overall distance of the <br />pump suction line. A larger diameter pipe is necessary to reduce the pump <br />suction head which will allow increased pumping capacity <br />$10,783.45 <br />0.0 <br />5.8 <br />Permit plan revision fee charged by the IRC Building Department. Reason. The <br />electrical design was modified requiring another Building Department review <br />$50.00 <br />0.0 <br />5.9 <br />Delete approximately 14.3 cubic yards of 1" to 3" diameter washed brown river <br />quartz at the South Relief Canal site. Reason. Will be replaced by concrete <br />drive/work slab. <br />($1,760.88) <br />0.0 <br />5.10 <br />Delete approximately 72 square yards of filter fabric at the South Relief Canal site. <br />Reason Will be replaced by concrete drive/work slab. <br />($117.53) <br />0.0 <br />'5.11 <br />Delete approximately 53 square yards of 2" type SP -12.1 asphalt pavement at the <br />South Relief Canal site. Reason: Will be replaced by concrete drive/work slab. <br />($789 47) <br />0.0 <br />5.12 <br />Delete approximately 56 square yards of 8" limerock base at the South Relief <br />Canal site. Reason. Will be replaced by concrete drive/work slab. <br />($374.39) <br />0.0 <br />. .- <br />5.13 <br />Delete approximately 59 square yards of 12" stabilized subgrade at the South <br />Relief Canal site. Reason. Will be replaced by concrete drive/work slab. <br />($148.50) <br />0.0 <br />