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A TRUE COPY p e t of 1 <br /> CERTIFICATION ON LAST PAGE <br /> Page <br /> SMITH, CLERK <br /> 5VI le a <br /> CA <br /> ttM ►>r�i► E SAVING !I BUILDING <br /> ­­_01041 t LIVESCHAMPIONS <br /> Indian River County Recreation <br /> ATTN: Dave Smith <br /> 9450 CR 512 <br /> Sebastian, Florida 32958 <br /> March 22, 2017 <br /> 2017 USA Swimming Foundation Make a Splash Grant <br /> Letter of Agreement <br /> 'Dear Dave, <br /> This letter outlines the terms and conditions governing a joint project between the Indian River <br /> County Recreation and the USA Swimming Foundation (collectively, the Parties). <br /> Program Definition <br /> With funding provided by the USA Swimming Foundation, Indian River County Recreation will <br /> provide a quality, multi-level learn-to-swim program. The lessons will expand opportunities for <br /> at-risk students to learn to swim and to use the sport of swimming to expand fitness and <br /> recreational opportunities. <br /> Program Objectives <br /> 1. Prepare young children to be safer around bodies of water by teaching water safety skills <br /> that could ultimately save lives. <br /> 2. Positively impact young people in the Indian River County Recreation community by <br /> developing lifelong skills that combat childhood obesity by increasing health, recreational <br /> and fitness opportunities. <br /> 3. Utilize a multi-level, progressive swimming program to teach children the process of <br /> achieving—encourage them to dream, set worthy goals, work towards those goals, be a <br /> good teammate and achieve measurable results. <br /> 4. Enhance the positive impact of the Indian River County Recreation aquatic program by <br /> offering team-to-swim opportunities to young people who otherwise would not be in swim <br /> lessons. <br /> Program Description <br /> Indian River County Recreation will provide 125 with free or reduced-cost swim lessons with the <br /> assistance of USA Swimming Foundation grant funding. <br /> Indian River County Recreation agrees that the programs will be conducted within the scope of <br /> the Indian River Countv Recreation oroorams and that all oarticioants will be covered under <br /> l l f6a3a74b7e8&p... 5/3/2017 <br />