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WORK ORDER NUMBER 3 <br />Indian River County Courthouse Roof Replacement <br />IRC Project No. 1764 <br />This Work Order Number 3 is entered into as of this nth day of] ecemher ,7n17, pursuant to that <br />certain Continuing Contract Agreement for Roof Consultation Services, dated February 18th, 2014, <br />(referred to as the "Agreement"), by and between INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the <br />State of Florida ("COUNTY") and Jay Ammon Architect, Inc. ("Consultant"). <br />EXHIBIT A <br />SCOPE OF WORK <br />Jay Ammon Architect, Inc. (Consultant) proposes to provide architectural services to Indian River County <br />(County), for the proposed Roofing Replacement at the Indian River County Courthouse. The construction <br />consists of the replacement of the roofing assemblies of the Indian River County Courthouse, located at <br />2000 16th Ave, Vero Beach, FL 32960. The existing low slope roofing assemblies will be replaced with a <br />new modified bitumen roofing assembly. The existing skylight assemblies will be waterproofed. The <br />roofing work will be coordinated with an ongoing Courthouse exterior wall restoration project. <br />Scope of Services: <br />1.0 Phase 1- Roofing Evaluation Report: Not Included <br />2.0 Phase 2 - Construction Documents: <br />2.1 Meetings: Meet with representatives of Owner to review the scope of work, <br />materials, and Project schedule. <br />2.2 Existing Roof Conditions Verification: <br />2.2.1 Visual Examination: Conduct a visual examination of the roofing <br />assemblies to determine the composition, condition, and performance <br />of the roof assemblies. <br />2.2.2 Moisture Readings: Take relative moisture readings of exterior finishes <br />to check of areas of excessive moisture. <br />2.2.3 Infrared Scan: Conduct an infrared scan to determine if water is <br />entrapped within the roofing substrate below the existing roof <br />membrane. <br />2.2.4 Roofing Cores: Extract cores from the roof surface to determine the roof <br />composition and to confirm the areas of excessive moisture depicted <br />during the infrared scan. Record the results and patch the cores. <br />2.2.5 Pull-out Resistance Testing: Complete preliminary pull-out resistance <br />testing to determine the performance of the existing roofing substrate <br />and/or roof deck. <br />2.3 Drawings: Prepare construction drawings consisting of roof plans and details; <br />which depict the Scope of Work. <br />2.4 Specifications: Provide construction specifications which describe the scope of <br />work, general requirements, and building products proposed for the facility. <br />2.5 Documentation: Submit one copy of the documents to the Owner. Make any <br />mutually agreed upon changes to the documents. Also submit two signed and <br />sealed copies of the documents to the Owner for permitting. <br />