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Contract No. : ASR ' <br /> Catalog of State Domestic Assistance No. : 55 .009 Financial Project No. : 420080- 1 -58-01 <br /> STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION <br /> SMALL COUNTY OUTREACH PROGRAM AGREEMENT <br /> THIS AGREEMENT , entered into this I V" day of Mcii ( <br /> 200 , by and between the STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT TRANSPORTATION , <br /> hereinafter referred to as the " DEPARTMENT", and INDIAN RIVER COUNTY , hereinafter referred to <br /> as the "COUNTY" . <br /> WITNESSETH <br /> WHEREAS , the DEPARTMENT has the authority, under Section 334. 044, Florida Statutes , to <br /> enter into this Agreement; and <br /> WHEREAS , the Small County Outreach Program has been created by Section 339 .2818 , <br /> Florida Statutes, to provide funds to counties to assist small governments in resurfacing or <br /> reconstructing county roads or in constructing capacity or safety improvements to county roads; and <br /> WHEREAS , the COUNTY has certified to the DEPARTMENT that it has met the eligibility <br /> requirements of said Section 339. 2818, Florida Statutes ; and <br /> WHEREAS , the DEPARTMENT is willing to provide the COUNTY with financial assistance <br /> under Financial Project No . 420080-1 -58-01 for Resurfacing of Old Dixie Highway from Oslo Road <br /> (9`h Street S .W.) to 16`h Street, including Reconstruction of paved shoulders, hereinafter referred <br /> to as the "PROJECT , " in accordance with Section 339 .2818 , Florida Statutes ; and <br /> WHEREAS , the COUNTY by Resolution No . 2007 - 037 dated the 17th day of <br /> Apri 1 2007 a copy of which is attached hereto and made a part hereof, has <br /> authorized the Chairman of its Board of Commissioners to enter into this Agreement. <br /> NOW , THEREFORE , in consideration of the mutual covenants, promises, and representations <br /> contained herein , the parties agree as follows: <br /> 1 . SERVICES AND PERFORMANCE <br /> A. The COUNTY shall furnish the services with which to construct the PROJECT. Said PROJECT <br /> consists of: CONSTRUCTION (Resurfacing) AND CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING INSPECTION <br /> (CEI) SERVICES , and as further described in Exhibit "A", Scope of Services attached hereto and made <br /> part hereof. <br /> B . The COUNTY shall be responsible for the construction of the PROJECT in accordance with all <br /> applicable federal , state and local statutes, rules and regulations, including COUNTY'S standards and <br /> specifications . The COUNTY shall be responsible for obtaining clearances/permits required for the <br /> construction of the PROJECT from the appropriate permitting authorities . Upon completion of the <br /> PROJECT, the COUNTY shall certify to the DEPARTMENT that the PROJECT has been completed in <br /> accordance with the foregoing standards and specifications. <br /> C . The DEPARTMENT will be entitled at all times to be advised , at its request, as to the status of <br /> work being done by the COUNTY and of the details thereof. Coordination shall be maintained by the <br /> 'COUNTY with representatives of the DEPARTMENT. <br /> 1 OF 6 <br />