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INTERSECTION IMPROVEMENTS AT <br /> CR-510 AND US HIGHWAY 1 <br /> AMENDMENT NO. 3 TO THE PROFESSIONAL CIVIL ENGINEERING <br /> GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING & LAND SURVEYING SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> BETWEEN McMAHON ASSOCIATES, INC. & INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br /> This is an amendment to the existing Professional Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Land <br /> Surveying Services Agreement (AGREEMENT) dated May 17, 2005, between McMahon Associates, Inc. <br /> (ENGINEER) and Indian River County (COUNTY). This amendment addresses changes in "Section I — Project <br /> Limits and Description', "Section III — Scope of Services", " Section IV — Time for Completion," and "Section V — <br /> Compensation," of this AGREEMENT. <br /> "SECTION I - PROJECT LIMITS AND DESCRIPTION" is being modified to incorporate the following: <br /> Consultant services are required for the preparation of construction plans and permit applications for the <br /> construction of a 16-inch diameter reuse water main on CR-510, from just east of 61 ' Drive to 58`h Avenue and <br /> south on 58th Avenue; and for the preparation of property and topography surveys required for project drainage pond <br /> sites, along the project corridor, as follows: <br /> The plans will detail the construction of the reuse water main improvements along CR-510 and along 58" <br /> Avenue, as follows: <br /> a) Design the horizontal and vertical location of approximately 2,398 LF of 16-inch <br /> diameter reclaimed water main from Station 281 +26.74 (starting station on plans) and <br /> ending at Station 305+24.60 (intersection of 58" Ave.) along CR-510 (Wabasso Road). <br /> b) Design the horizontal and vertical location of approximately 1 ,700 LF of 12-inch <br /> diameter reclaimed water main from Station 204+40 and ending at Station 221 +00 <br /> (intersection of CR-510) along 58" Ave. (Kings Highway). <br /> c) Design sub-outs on both sides of the roadway (CR-510 : 8, 132 LF; 58" Ave: 1 ,660) LF <br /> for the following utilities: <br /> i. 8-inch stub-outs for the newly proposed 16-inch and 12-inch reclaimed water mains. <br /> ii. 8-inch stub-outs for existing water mains. <br /> iii. 6-inch stub-outs for existing sanitary sewer force mains. <br /> d) Locate existing subsurface utilities at conflict points with proposed storm sewer facilities, <br /> proposed signalization mast arms, proposed reclaimed water main and proposed stub-outs <br /> for reclaimed water, potable water and sanitary sewer force main. <br />