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BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS , I � <br /> 1840 25th Street, Vero Beach, Florida 32960-3365 <br /> Zook - 25 <br /> Telephone: )772) 567-8000 4 - <br /> '`ZoRroA <br /> April 10, 2007 <br /> Terry L. Hess, AICP <br /> Deputy Director <br /> Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council <br /> 301 East Ocean Boulevard, Suite 300 <br /> Stuart, FL 34994 <br /> RE : Draft Amendments to the City of Fellsmere Comprehensive Plan Amendments <br /> DCA Reference No . 07- 1 <br /> Dear Mr. Hess : <br /> Please be advised that Indian River County has received and reviewed the City of Fellsmere ' s <br /> comprehensive plan amendments (DCA Reference No. 07- 1 ). The county offers the following <br /> comments and objections . <br /> I. Proposed Future Land Use Map designation amendment case 4 : CPA-01 -07-D (LS) <br /> Carson Platt/Fellsmere 392 LLC (Mai) Attached) <br /> This amendment involves a recently annexed 392 acre site located in the northeast <br /> quadrant of the I-95/C.R. 512 interchange. The City of Fellsmere proposes to change the <br /> land use designation of this property from its current county designation of C/I <br /> (Commercial/Industrial) to the city' s designations of Regional Employment Activity <br /> Center (REAC) and Low Density Mixed Neighborhood (LDMXN). <br /> Located adjacent to I-95 and soon to be 4-laned C.R. 512, adjacent to the county' s gun <br /> range, and adjacent to industrial uses on the west side of 102nd Terrance, the subject <br /> property is appropriately designated commercial/industrial. It is not appropriate for <br /> residential uses. <br /> Not only is residential use of the subject property incompatible with surrounding uses, <br /> but more importantly residential use of the site will l castrate the county' s economic <br /> development objectives. Those objectives include increasing the number of jobs in the <br /> county' s target industries and reducing the county' s unemployment rate. For those <br /> objectives to be achieved, sites large enough to accommodate industrial parks and located <br /> at interstate interchanges must be available for industrial development . <br /> 1 <br />