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e5_ 03 <br /> GENERAL ADMINISTRATION CONTRACT <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY HOME AGAIN DISASTER RELIEF <br /> This General Administration Contract (hereinafter "Agreement") entered into as <br /> of this 1 st day of February , 2005 by and between Fred Fox <br /> Enterprises, Incorporated, (hereinafter "Administrator") , and Indian River County, <br /> (hereinafter "Local Government. ") <br /> WITNESSETH <br /> WHEREAS , the Local Government has been awarded a HOME Again Disaster <br /> Relief HOME Assistance Program, (hereinafter the "Project or "Project Contract" <br /> when specifically referring to the Contract executed between the Local Government and <br /> the Florida Housing Finance Corporation as described below) , and the Local Government <br /> being desirous of implementing such a Project; and, <br /> WHEREAS , the Administrator is now available, willing, and qualified to <br /> perform professional services in connection with the Project, in order to serve the Local <br /> Government to which this Agreement applies, to assume primary responsibility for the <br /> administration of the Project and the Project Contract, and to give consultation, advice, <br /> and direction for such Project; and, <br /> WHEREAS , the Local Government is without sufficient resources to devote to <br /> the Project in order to properly administer it and is desirous that the Administrator <br /> perform all services regarding the Project and does now engage Administrator to perform <br /> said services noted above on the Project; and <br /> WHEREAS , Administrator agrees to perform such services and to provide <br /> technical assistance in various program areas ; to serve the Local Government as its <br /> professional representative , administrator and coordinator in various phases of the Project <br /> 1 <br />