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Himanshu Mehta, P .E. <br /> 7 September 2007 <br /> Page 2 <br /> submitted a RAP for the site in July 2003 , which outlined a remedy which consisted of <br /> aggressive source area excavation (including an area with dense non-aqueous phase liquid <br /> [ DNAPL] ), pump and treat (P&T), and natural attenuation monitoring for the downgradient <br /> dissolved plume. <br /> Based upon the results of post-source removal groundwater monitoring activities and an <br /> evaluation of natural attenuation processes, Geosyntec recommended in the June 2006 <br /> monitoring report that the existing P&T system, originally installed in 2001 as an interim <br /> measure, be permanently shut down. The P &T system was designed to provide hydraulic capture <br /> of the source area. With the source area removed via the excavation, the continued operation of <br /> the system was no longer justified . Additionally, the natural attenuation evaluation included in <br /> the June 2006 report demonstrated that anaerobic degradation processes are actively degrading <br /> the CVOC plume. In consideration of the ongoing natural attenuation processes occurring at the <br /> site, the enhancement of these biological processes via the injection of an electron donor was <br /> proposed, and agreed to in concept by the FDEP in correspondence dated 2 August 2006 . A <br /> RAP Modification was submitted to the FDEP outlining the injection of an electron donor, <br /> Emulsified Oil Substrate (EOS®) , in May 2007 . <br /> PROPOSED SCOPE OF WORK <br /> The proposed scope of work includes the activities required to implement the RAP Modification, <br /> including the installation of the proposed injection wells, the purchase of 79 drums (55-gallon <br /> capacity) of EOS'�), and the injection of 526 to 675 gallons of a 10 percent E00 solution to each <br /> of the 77 proposed injection wells. Additionally, one, 2-inch diameter monitoring well will be <br /> installed on the Cathco, Inc. property, as requested by the FDEP, and sampled for volatile organic <br /> compounds. The remainder of this letter provides details regarding the proposed scope of work <br /> and a budget estimate to accomplish the work described herein. <br /> Phase 1 — Preliminary Activities <br /> Phase 1 includes project management for the entire project, as well as preliminary activities <br /> associated with project planning and management responsibilities, such as correspondence with <br /> IRC SWDD, FDEP , IRC Department of Health, IRC Sheriffs Department (injection wells are <br /> proposed on the firing range property) , subcontracting, invoice review, project coordination, and <br /> project administration . <br /> XR07I 92iCCR07069DOC <br /> engineeis I m: iPntjsts I innmooms <br />