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by Commissioner Macdonald, seconded by Commissioner McCullers <br />and unanimously carried that the Administrator be authorized to <br />proceed with the construction plans of Sixth Avenue. <br />Mrs. Shappie and a number of residents of Royal Poinsettia <br />Subdivision appeared before the Board in regard to drainage <br />problems in their Subdivision. The Administrator advised these <br />residents that he would check out the area and take what <br />measures he could to help alleviate the problem. <br />Mr. Kinner of Fellsmere appeared before the Board stating <br />that his son had purchased a trailer with the required square <br />footage, but that due to zoning regulations was unable to acquire <br />a permit to put it on his property. He was referred to the Board <br />of Adjustments. <br />Roberta Slaughter of Broxton Road near Wabasso was referred <br />to the Zoning Department and the County Health Department in <br />regard to permits for two small trailers which had been put on <br />her property. <br />After considerable discussion regarding drainage problems, <br />the County Attorney advised the Board that legislation has been <br />passed for Special Tax Districts which could be used by the <br />freeholders to solve the problems of their individual areas. <br />John Strausmeir of Idlewild Subdivision appeared before the <br />Board stating that concrete had been poured in some of the <br />•drainage ditches and that there was grass and trees in them. <br />The County Administrator advised the Board that Leonard <br />Kinchen had not come into possession of, or improved, or provided <br />fire insurance, or done any of the other things mentioned in the <br />minutes of September 20, 1967 with respect to the building <br />situated on the East shore of the Indian River on the old Winter <br />Beach Bridgehead and had advised it was not profitable to put <br />this property into condition for use. On a Motion made by <br />Commissioner McCullers, seconded by Commissioner Bogosian and <br />00et ' 'b 1. <br />