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Exhibit A — Work Order No. 2 Scope of Work 112/19/2014 1 Page 3 of 4 <br />Task 2 — Competitive Procurement <br />Based on the results of Task 1, KCI will work closely with County staff to conduct a procurement process <br />that follows County procurement procedures and meets the County's needs and objectives. Provided <br />below are the anticipated subtasks and activities. <br />Task 2.1 — Development of Procurement Document <br />• Confirm with County staff information that might be relevant or of interest to potential <br />proposers as identified in Task 1. <br />• Develop the draft procurement document, including qualification requirements, technical <br />specifications, and evaluation criteria. <br />• Revise the draft procurement document based on County staff comments. This scope includes <br />up to two rounds of comments. <br />• Prepare a list of potential vendors to be notified when the document is published. <br />Task 2.2 — Pre -Submittal Meeting and Addenda Preparation <br />• Provide technical support and assist with responding to questions during a pre -submittal <br />meeting. <br />• Review any written questions or comments received by the County regarding the procurement <br />document. <br />• Assist in drafting any necessary addenda in response to questions. <br />Task 2.3 — Submittal Review and Vendor Interviews <br />• Review submittals received in response to the procurement document. <br />• Provide technical support to County staff and evaluation committee during review and <br />evaluation of the submittals. <br />• Participate in interviews of selected vendors, if desired. <br />• Assist in presenting, as requested, the recommendation resulting from the procurement to <br />County management and Commissioners. <br />Task 2 Deliverables (submitted electronically) <br />• Draft and final procurement document. <br />• List of potential vendors. <br />• Draft language for addenda, if needed. <br />• Participation in up to four meetings, as well as conference calls as needed. <br />Phase 2 — Future Activities: Contract Development and Negotiation <br />Based on the results of Phase 1, KCI will work with County staff to negotiate and develop a contract with <br />the successful bidder that meets the County's needs and objectives. Provided below are the anticipated <br />activities. <br />• Assist County staff in negotiating a contract with the selected vendor. <br />• Develop a draft contract for review by County staff and revise the contract based on staff <br />comments. <br />• Develop a final contract based on all negotiated aspects of the agreement between the County <br />and selected vendor. <br />• Assist in presenting, as requested, the final contract to County management and <br />Commissioners, as requested. <br />kessler consulting inc. <br />innovative waste solutions <br />Work Order 2 Scope v4 <br />