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REI Proposal No. P17TPA-039 Revision 3 <br />January 16, 2018 <br />Page 2 <br />E. Prepare technical specifications of the removal or other preparation of the existing roofing <br />system(s) and installation of the insulation, roof system(s) and sheet metal for the building. <br />F. Issue preliminary Contract Documents for Owner review. Upon acceptance, final Contract <br />Documents will be prepared and submitted. <br />G. Provide advertisement for bids to Owner for use in advertising in accordance with <br />applicable laws and/or submit names of three or more qualified Contractors to bid the <br />Contract Documents. <br />H. Attend one Pre -Bid Meeting for potential contractors to review the Contract Documents <br />and resolve any questions that may arise during the bid stage of the project. <br />I. Bids shall be analyzed and a recommendation made based on low bid, alternates, <br />contractor's past performance and Owner's budget restrictions. Submit a certified Bid <br />Tabulation and recommendation for award. <br />II. CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION <br />A. Review and accept, as appropriate, shop drawings and submittals as required by the <br />Contract Documents. Return unacceptable submittals to contractor as required until <br />compliance with specifications is realized. <br />B. Attend a pre -construction meeting with the successful contractor to ensure a clear <br />understanding of the plans and specifications. <br />C. Perform quality assurance site visit once every five working days, Monday through Friday, <br />to verify work is in compliance with the Contract Documents. Photographs will be taken <br />as deemed necessary for documentation. REI cannot comment on work that takes place <br />and covered while REI is not onsite. <br />D. Prepare and submit reports from each quality assurance site visit relaying information <br />pertaining to weather, area worked, application methods, material types installed during <br />the site visit, and listing of non -conforming items requiring Contractor's correction. <br />E. Review any change orders developed by the county as needed to address changes to the <br />contract requirements. <br />F. Upon notification by the contractor that the job is substantially complete, a substantial <br />completion inspection will be conducted with REI, Owner, Contractor and Manufacturer <br />personnel. A punch list will be prepared to list any minor items that require further <br />treatment. <br />G. Upon notification by the contractor that the job is fully complete, a final inspection will be <br />conducted with REI, contractor and Owner personnel. A final inspection report will be <br />submitted upon verifying completion or if necessary, an additional punch list will be <br />prepared. <br />H. Upon completion of work, verify compliance of warranties and forward to Owner with <br />close out documents and final billing. <br />ill <br />Fei <br />ENGINEERS <br />