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309 <br />October 24, 19+6 <br />Victor Robertson <br />Mrs. W. L. Clements <br />!Robert S, Harris <br />Paul R. Robertson <br />'i Alfred Warren <br />Chris Robertson j <br />;;Arthur Shinkldi <br />Mrs. Marie Hatch <br />� <br />:Frances S. Sir <br />Vp <br />Wesley Sheffield <br />iH. L. Rendall <br />, <br />W. L. Fitts M. D. <br />�aP. A. Christenson <br />I! <br />J. T. O'Malley I; <br />Warren T. Zeuch <br />I <br />October 24, 19+6 <br />TO: Honorable W. C. Graves, Jr., Chairman, Ij <br />and Members of the Board of County Commissioners <br />,Gentlemen: <br />The undersigned are residents or property owners in the area as follows: Emerson <br />i::avenue west to Lateral A road and Road 60 South to Oslo road in this county. We request that <br />I <br />!the Board of County Commissioners take immediate action to stop the formation ofs negro <br />iisettlement on South Clemanns Avenue between canals 4 ans 5. To gr iibit the sale of whiskey, <br />,jbeer or wine in this entire area. j <br />g <br />Respectfully submitted, <br />L. S. Gollnick S. Larson Eugene V Gollnick Mrs.W. L.Clements <br />P. Conroy Percy Thornton R. C. Dobeek Paul.R.Robertson <br />J. P. Keen W. A. Leighton Leonard E. Gollnick Chris Robertson j1 <br />IIE. M. Becton S. R. DeKbld Christine C Stebbins Mrs.Marie Hatch <br />II <br />;D. Cahill Gerard P. Tameling Jr Mr. &Bars. J. R. Pickett Ij <br />11*m B Sleeth Wm C Brasch Archie Hall Wesley Sheffield <br />C. B. Johnson G. M. Murrow Victor Robertson W. L. Fitts M.D. <br />'I. S. Sahina Mrs. E. E. Bell M Mattmuller J.T.O'Malley d <br />lThos. H. Forster Dr. E. E. Bell Robert S. Harris Warren T. Zeuch <br />iI;oe S. Earman E M Root Alfred Warren <br />�s <br />9� H Griffis Clemma S. Root Arthur Shinkle <br />C Matthews Claude Douthit Frances S. Seaver <br />�A. E. Wilcox D. B. Denmark H. L. Kendall ° <br />�. E. Hamilton Paul Goodridge P. A. Christenson <br />E <br />i R. W. Graves and Albert 0. Helseth were appointed as a committee representing the <br />oard and were instructed to meet with the Zoning CommiSSion of the City of Nero Beach with <br />ipegard to fully investigating the requests made in the foregoing petitions and report back to <br />!the Board at their next meeting. � <br />The annual finAncial statement for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1946, was <br />(prepared in duplicate, and a copy forwarded to the State Comptroller as provided by law. The <br />Ii <br />Comptroller acknowledged receipt of said report complimenting the Clerk's office in the dfficien <br />Land correct manner in which the said report was prepar6d. <br />County deeds Numbers 247, 248 and 249 were signed by the Board under Provisions of <br />10hapter 22079, Act$ of 1943. <br />r <br />The following were appointed Deputy Sheriffs by L. B. O'Steen, Sheriff, and Douglas <br />Faker, Clerk, announced that said appointments had been filed with him. <br />r <br />i Dame Precinc�No. Address <br />A. 0. Yingling 8 Fellsmere, Florida <br />ii <br />Jack G. Jennings X Vero Beach, Florida <br />1 <br />Deputy Sheriff's Bond for l -A. 0. Yingling in the. sum of $19000.00 with U. S. Fidelity <br />I" <br />