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cipated income during the year, which budget must be set up in January and adopted in <br />February of each year; and, <br />WHEREAS, The State Road Department cannot prepare and adopt a budget until it has <br />ascertained and determined the desire of the Board of County Commissioners, in the form of <br />a Resolution, as to how this County's Secondary Road funds should be used; and, <br />WHEREAS, it is estimated that the total Secondary Road funds accruing to this <br />County for the year 1951 will be $99,889.06, from which said sum there will be deducted the <br />sum of $56,321.06 for repayment to the State Road Department of the excess of -expenditures <br />over accruals to said County for the year 19509 leaving a balance available ,for 1951 of <br />$43,568.00; and, <br />WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida did <br />adopt a Resolution on January 24, 1950, directing the use of such funds on h1ne projects <br />in the order named and designated in said Resolution, and, <br />WHEREAS, the State Road Department has let the contract for the first three <br />projects as designated in said Resolution for 1950; Now, therefore, <br />BE IT RESOLVED that the State Road Department is hereby requested and directed <br />to use such funds on the remaining projects as designated in said Resolution for 1950, which <br />said remaining projects numbered in the order in which they appeared in said Resolution for <br />1950 and eliminating the projects upon which contracts have alriady been let, is as follows: <br />1. <br />STEW BAOAR <br />S D JQg 1Q <br />From the Southeast corner of Southwest corner Section 269 Township 31 South, <br />Range 38 East, 1/2 milesWest and 1 1/4 miles North to S R D No. 512 (Fellsmere Road) a <br />distance of approximately 1.8 miles. <br />2. <br />LAS nB_',', TING' S HIGHHWWM) ROAD <br />From the Oslo Road North on.Lateral "B" (Ring's Highway) Road to the South Gifford <br />Road a distance of approximately 5.5 miles. <br />3• <br />SOUTH GIFFORD ROAD <br />From S R D No. 510 at Northwest Corner of Southwest Quarter of <br />Section 29 East <br />• <br />to State <br />Road No. 5 a distance of approximately 3.3 miles. <br />4. <br />_SOUTH VPINTga BE&CH ROAD <br />From S R D No. 510 at Northwest Gorner of Southwest quarter of <br />Section 8, <br />Township <br />32 South, Range 39 East, East to State Road No. 5 a distance of <br />approximately 2.6 <br />miles. <br />5. <br />GLENDALE BOULEVARD <br />From Lateral "B" Road at the Southwest Corner of Section 99 Township <br />33 South, <br />Range 39 <br />East, to State Road 605 (Old Dixie), a distance of epproximately <br />3.3 miles. <br />6. <br />EIDERS ON AVENUE <br />STATE� ROAD N0. 07 <br />a <br />From South County Line at Southwest corner Section 359 Township <br />33 South, Range <br />39 East, <br />North to State Road 609 a distance of approximately -5.5 miles. <br />That said projects as above set forth are designated in the order of their priority <br />as determined by this Board for the years 1951 and 1952. <br />