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0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />Notary Public Bond for Bertha A. Haffield in the sum of $500.00 with American <br />Surety Company as surety was approved by Douglas Baker, Clerk of Circuit Court on October <br />13, 1953. <br />Notary Public Bond for T. J. Dupree in the sum of $500.00 with American Fire <br />36-57 <br />& Casualty Company as surety was approved by Douglas Baker, Clerk of Circuit Court on October <br />23, 1953. <br />Mrs. Anne Christensen, County Welfare Case Worker, submitted a report of her <br />activities for the Month of October and said report was filed with the Clerk. <br />Attorney Smith was requested to prepare Resolution with regard to County Agent <br />M. A. Boudet, deceased. <br />On Motion of Commissioner Waddell, seconded by Commissioner Warren and carried, <br />Clerk Baker was instructed to issue salary check of M. z�. Boudet, deceased, to Alline J. <br />Boudet. <br />A petition signed by Martha Hamilton together with thirty-five. other residents <br />and citizens of the Winter Beach area was presented requested the Winter Beach roadside ditch <br />be cleaned. Upon recommendation of Commissioner Hamilton, it was moved by Commissioner <br />Waddell, seconded by Commissioner 14arren and carried, that the work be done. <br />A committee of Commissioner Hamilton and Commissioner Watts together with Road <br />& Bridge Superintendent Carter were appointed to investigate Fellsmere Cross -State road <br />matters. <br />Clerk Baker submitted the annual financial report ending September 30, 1953 <br />and same being approved and a copy transmitted to the State Comptroller at Tallahassee. <br />Commissioner Warren was appointed a committee to obtain statistical information <br />regarding our town and the surrounding area relating to human and animal populations to com- <br />ply with such a request from Dr. Otto Moyer, D.VcM. of Daytona Beach, Florida, who may be <br />interested in locating here. <br />The following was appointed Deputy Sheriff by L. B. O'Steen, Sheriff and Douglas <br />Baker, Clerk announced that said appointment had been filed by him: - <br />Dame <br />Clyde L. Dills <br />Precinct No, <br />9 <br />E.ddress <br />Vero Beach, Florida <br />Deputy Sheriff's Bond for Clyde L. Dills in the sum of $1,000.00 with St. Paul <br />Mercury Indemnity Company as surety was approved. <br />After having discussed numerous problems and propositions as to rights-of-way <br />matters, upon Motion of Commissioner Warren, seconded by Commissioner Hamilton and carried, <br />letters of agreement were authorized relating to obtaining right-of-way deeds on State Road 5 <br />Section 8801-691 as follows: <br />October 31, 1953 <br />Mr. Raymond <br />R. Sawyer <br />R. F. D. 1 <br />Vero Beach, <br />Florida <br />Dear Mr. Sawyer: <br />In consideration of your <br />execution of <br />the right of way described in State <br />Road <br />Department <br />Deeds Taos. 170-R <br />and 171-R, State <br />Road 5, <br />Section 8801-691, the County agrees <br />with <br />you as follows: <br />1. That the <br />County will <br />pay to you the <br />total sum of $1,500.00, such sum <br />to be <br />paid prior <br />to the taking of <br />possesstion <br />of the right <br />of way. <br />2. That you <br />may continue <br />to use the <br />additional right of way conveyed and <br />the <br />fruit stand <br />located thereon <br />until possession <br />is required <br />when the new construction on the <br />road <br />begins and <br />that this use will be made by <br />you without <br />the payment of any rent. <br />