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1 <br />40 <br />1 <br />0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />0 <br />Sherman N. Smith, Jr. stated that he.had contacted Al Briggs with respect to <br />serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission in place of Robert W. Graves, who had resigned, <br />and that Al Briggs had accepted the appointment. <br />The following Confederate Pensioner in Indian River County was approved: <br />Number Name ADdress <br />2767 Mrs. Annie Ruffner R.F.D. 2, Vero Beach, Florida <br />Mr. Herschel Auxier, representing the Chamber of Commerce and merchants, re - <br />for rent of Small Claims Court <br />quested that Pasco Woods, Judge of the Small Claims Court be paid an allowance/ of $80.00 <br />instead of $40.00 per month. Upon Motion made by Commissioner Macdonald, seconded by Robert <br />W. Graves and carried, the same was approved. <br />Mrs. Tennie Lee Bradley and Sam Bradley, representing Mr. Ansin, appeared befox <br />the Board and renewed their request for the extension of 20th Avenue to Oslo Road be opened <br />with the understanding that Mr. Ansin would pay $4,000.00 toward the construction of a bridge <br />over the South Relief Canal. Mrs. Bradley stated the right-of-way for thislroad extension <br />would be given with the exception of that through some land owned by Dr. Nude and it was <br />reported Dr. Nuzie had refused to cooperate and give the right of way to the County. Theref <br />upon Motion by Commissioner Macdonald, seconded by Commissioner McCullers and carried, the <br />Attorney, Shertman'N. Smith, Jr. was requested to proceed with condemnation proceedings on <br />Dr. Nuzie's land in order to open up 20th Avenue to Oslo Road. Attorney Smith was also re- <br />quested to write a letter to Mr. Ansin to send the $4,000.00 in order that the Board could <br />proceed with the matter. <br />At this point Chairman Graves then turned the meeting over to, Attorney Smith <br />who asked for nominations for Chairman. W. C. Graves, Jr. was nominated by Robert W. Graves. <br />J. J. P. Hamilton was nominated by D. B. McCullers, Jr. Upon motion made by Commissioner <br />1 Macdonald,. seconded by Commissioner McCullers and carried, nominations for Chairman were then <br />closed. Upon roll call voting for W. C. Graves, Jr. were Robert W. Graves and W. C. Graves, <br />a <br />Jr., voting for J. J. P. Hamilton, were D. B. McCullers, Jr., Donald Macdonald and J. J. P. <br />p Hamilton. The vote was then made unanimous in favor of J. J. P. Hamilton for.Chairman upon <br />Motion made by W. C. Graves, Jr., seconded by Robert W. Graves and unanimously carried. <br />Attorney Smith then turned the meeting over to Chairman Hamilton who asked for <br />�9 nominations for Vice Chairman. Robert W. Graves was nominated by W. C. Graves, Jr. D. B. <br />McCullers, Jr. was nominated by Donald Macdonald. It was then moved by Commissioner W. C. <br />° Graves, Jr., seconded by Commissioner Macdonald and unanimously carried that nominations for <br />11 Vice -Chairman be closed. Upon roll call and voting for Robert W. Graves, were W. C. Graves, <br />Jr., and voting for McCullers were Macdonald, and McCullers, which was a tie vote, wereupon <br />i� <br />Chairman Hamilton voted for Mccullers, thereby electing him as vice chairman. It was then <br />moved by Commissioner Robert W. Graves, seconded by Macdonald that the vote for McCullers <br />�a <br />for Vice Chairman be.unanimous. This motion was unanimously carried. <br />Ij <br />It was moved by Commissioner W. C. Graves, Jr., seconded by Robert W. Graves <br />jlk and unanimously carried that the following county employees be re-employed for the ensuing <br />�d <br />year: S. N. Smith, Jr., County Attorney, Anne Christensen, Welfare Case Worker, Elmer Harris <br />r! <br />